Verman provides health and well-being products for all stages of life, from vitamins for babies to memory support products for seniors.



  • Comprehensive well-being
  • Immunity
  • Stomach well-being
  • Brain well-being
  • Sleep quality
  • Treatment of allergy symptoms
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Our ambitious research and development team ensures our products are designed for the needs of customers in Finland and meet Finnish quality standards. Our medicines and dietary supplements are often the market leaders in their product groups.

You will find our products in the pharmacy. Below links will direct you to our Finnish product pages.

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  • Foliren

    Foliren folic acid

    Foliren folic acid is one of the most important vitamin supplements for women who are pregnant or considering becoming pregnant. It ensures the safe development of the child and satisfies the body’s extra requirements during pregnancy.

  • Helein kauneusravintolisät

    Helein beauty supplements

    Helein is a diverse and effective range of dietary supplements for beauty made with clinically proven ingredients. They are designed to help Finnish women with their beauty care needs, from the outside and the inside.

  • Ramavit iron product

    Ramavit iron products

    Ramavit is a diverse range of products that provide strength and energy in everyday life! The products contain vitamins and trace minerals to promote well-being and keep you in shape for longer.

  • Synomax-tuotteet nivelille ja lihaksille

    Synomax for the joints and muscles

    Get your joints moving! Suitably strenuous exercise improves joint function. Ageing, hereditary factors, excess weight, and heavy or unbalanced work can strain your mobility. Synomax® products are designed to support the well-being of your joints.

  • Gluten GO -entsyymi

    Gluten GO enzyme

    The Gluten GO enzyme product contains three different enzymes that effectively break down gluten. This ensures effective gluten digestion. Gluten GO is a small, easy-to-swallow capsule in a handy pocket-sized package.

  • Lactrase-laktaasientsyymi

    Lactrase lactase enzyme

    The Lactrase lactase enzyme product allows you to enjoy dairy products without bloating or an upset stomach! Lactrase is an easy, effective and safe way to prevent stomach and intestinal symptoms. Take Lactrase with you wherever you go and enjoy hassle-free holidays, parties and much more.

  • Multienzyme GO -entsyymi ruuansulatukseen

    Multienzyme GO digestive enzyme

    Multienzyme GO contains 14 different digestive enzymes that break down carbohydrates, fat, and protein. Multienzyme GO is a small, easy-to-swallow capsule in a handy pocket-sized package. It is ideal for people with impaired digestion or digestive problems with unclear causes.

  • Nogasin ruuansulatusentsyymi

    Nogasin digestive enzyme

    The Nogasin enzyme product is an effective, easy-to-use way of preventing digestive problems. Nogasin is a digestive enzyme containing the natural enzyme alpha-galactosidase. This enzyme has been clinically proven to relieve flatulence, bloating, and other common digestive problems.

  • Acidal närästyslääke

    Acidal for treating heartburn

    The active substance in Acidal is esomeprazole, a proton pump inhibitor (PPI). Acidal reduces the buildup of gastric acid, thereby relieving the symptoms of excessive stomach acid, such as heartburn and acid reflux problems. Acidal is effective for 24 hours, so one capsule per day is enough.

  • Deslox allergialääke

    Deslox allergy medicine

    Tame your wild side! Effective, tireless help against allergy symptoms. Active substance: desloratadine.

  • Nenoxin antihistamine nasal spray

    Nenoxin antihistamine nasal spray

    Nenoxin is a nasal spray for treating the symptoms of allergic rhinitis. Active substance: mometasone. Medicine.

  • Kestox allergialääke

    Kestox allergy medicine

    A long-acting allergy medicine. The 20 mg dose also offers relief from severe allergic symptoms. Active substance: ebastine.

  • Ibuver ibuprofeiini kipuun

    Ibuver for pain relief

    Live life, skip the pain. Active substance: ibuprofen.

  • Spartofer rautalääke

    Spartofer iron supplement

    Combats iron deficiency! Spartofer is an iron supplement that can effectively treat iron deficiency. One capsule contains 100 mg of Fe2+ iron. The formulation contains iron in granules capable of resisting gastric acid, ensuring the iron is released in the duodenum and absorbed effectively.

  • Auvoin nenäsuihke

    Auvoin nasal spray

    Auvoin® is a triple-action nasal spray that moisturises and treats a dry nose lining. Auvoin® nasal spray is a preservative-free product containing vitamin A, sesame oil, and aloe vera extract. Suitable for use whenever needed to treat the symptoms of a dry nose.

  • Diplomag IBS ummetukseen ja ripuliin

    Diplomag IBS

    Diplomag® IBS offers an alternative for treating IBS based on diarrhoea and constipation.

  • Iiris silmätipat

    Iiris eye drops

    Long-lasting relief for dry eyes. Iiris eye drops were developed for dry and sensitive eyes. You can use the eye drops daily if your eyes are dried out due to freezing temperatures or air conditioning, if your eyes become sensitive when reading or in dusty environments, or if your eyes are constantly watering.

  • Synocrom hyaluronivalmiste liikkuvuuteen

    Synocrom hyaluronan product

    Synocrom relieves symptoms, increases mobility, and reduces pain. The Synocrom hyaluronan product is available over the counter at pharmacies. Does not contain animal proteins.

  • Smartlax-tuotteet ummetukseen

    Smartlax products for constipation

    Smartlax products offer soft, effective and rapid help with constipation. The products are suitable for occasional and continuous use by people of all ages. Look after your gut with Smartlax.

  • Sorbact-haavasidokset

    Sorbact hydrophobic wound dressings

    Sorbact hydrophobic wound dressings – the best protection for wounds! Sorbact® is a hydrophobic wound binding that removes microbes, effectively preventing the onset of infection or helping to treat existing infections.

  • wonderm haavatuotteet

    Wonderm wound-treatment products

    An easy way to treat wounds! Wonderm wound-treatment products are safe and easy to use.

  • Ocutifex eye drops for allergies

    Ocutifex eye drops for allergies

    1Fast-acting, long-lasting relief for symptoms of allergies in the eyes. Active substance: ketotifen. Medicine.

  • Melarest melatoniini

    Melarest melatonin

    Melarest melatonin helps you to fall asleep more quickly and alleviates the effects of jet lag.

  • Rela-maitohappobakteerit

    Rela lactic acid bacteria

    The updated Rela range of lactic acid bacteria products includes two high-quality, scientifically researched strains of lactic acid bacteria, with 3 billion bacteria in a daily dose. The products are made in Finland and carry the Key Flag Symbol.


  • Minisun vitamiinit logo

    Minisun vitamins

    Minisun is a selection of vitamin products developed in Finland, including vitamin D, multivitamins, calcium products, and products for enhancing everyday immunity. Minisun vitamins are suitable for daily use by the whole family. The range also includes products for specific customer groups.

  • Bethover B12-vitamiini muistille

    Bethover B12 supports memory

    Supports the memory! Use Bethover products to ensure a good vitamin B12 intake and support the memory. Vitamin B12 promotes the normal psychological function of the nervous system.


  • Heinix logo

    Heinix allergy medicine

    Heinix allergy medicine – Finland’s most popular allergy medicine.* Active substance: cetirizine.

    *Iqvia Flexview Sell-Out YTD 12/2022