Research and development

When you see “Verman” on the package, you can be sure the product is the outcome of Finnish research and development, robust scientific evidence, and the work of top professionals.


We stand behind our products

Reliability is the top priority for our products. At Verman, this means three things:

  • Genuine benefits at various life stages
  • Scientific evidence
  • Formulated based on official Finnish nutritional recommendations

We formulate our products based on scientific principles so they promote health. We are proud to stand behind them.

Verman’s in-house research and development team of experts and professionals is responsible for the reliability of the company’s products.

Verman tuotekehitys

We create innovations for better health and well-being at every stage of life.


A recipe for innovation

Innovation is close to Verman’s heart. Verman began as a one-man operation. Our founder, Seppo Vertanen, expanded the company by challenging old products and practices. We continue to follow in Seppo’s footsteps – our research and development team creates innovations for better health and well-being at every stage of life.

Our products are born of research collaboration with healthcare professionals and a close eye on global trends with the help of our international colleagues. Every member of Verman’s personnel is encouraged to share their ideas, irrespective of the department and position they work in.

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Carefully designed formulations

Good ideas are refined into even better products. We value multidisciplinary collaboration – our products are developed by top professionals in various fields. For example, we consulted ophthalmologists when we designed our Iiris eye drops, and we created the Diplomag IBS product with the help of a dietician specialising in irritable bowel syndrome.

Our research and development professionals select the best ingredients that meet our strict criteria. Our finished products are also regularly tested. For example, every production batch of the Minisun vitamin D supplement is tested to ensure it contains the correct amount of vitamin D. This helps us to ensure a consistent standard of quality on pharmacy shelves year after year.

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Scientific expertise and devotion to well-being

We require the experts in our research and development team to have a university education, a scientific approach and extensive expertise. Our team includes nutritional and food scientists, clinical pharmacists, pharmaceutical dispensers, chemists, microbiologists, immunologists and molecular biologists. Every one of our employees has distinct strengths and passions. Their perspectives allow us to promote diverse product development solutions for enhancing well-being.

Although our team members have different backgrounds and strengths, they are united by a strong interest in human well-being, open-mindedness, and a bold, pioneering approach.

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Everyone is involved in research and development

Our research and development team does not work in isolation. Verman is a family company with a genuine sense of community. All our departments work closely together. All the employees in our office work in the same physical space towards a common objective. For example, you might see the Research and Development Manager sharing a screen with a Graphic Artist to design a new appearance for the packaging or the Field Sales Manager reporting on their latest visit to a pharmacy.

We operate in Finland, but we also lean on the expertise of our European subsidiaries. We share our knowledge and views with our international colleagues.

As a Finnish family company, we can be agile in product development. We boldly experiment with new things and are not afraid of failure. We are flexible, and we respond to our customers’ needs, adhering strictly to regulations, recommendations and quality standards.

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