Nutrifin Active

More than a traditional protein bar! Better snack for active lifestyle!

Nutrifin Active protein bar is a healthy, easy-to-use and delicious snack for all active people. The bars are easy to carry everywhere and anywhere. Nutrifin Active contains high-quality milk protein, soy protein,plenty of energy as well as important vitamins and minerals.

  • Three delicious flavours: Double Chocolate,Yogurt & Raspberry, and Nuts
  • Plenty of protein: 13 g/bar
  • Also contains Calcium, Magnesium, Vitamins C and D important for healthy bones, muscles and immunity
  • Low lactose
  • Manufactured in Finland

Description: Small protein bar (40 g) with soft texture as a snack suitable for the whole family and for every occasion: while doing sports and hobbies or while having a busy working day.

Dosage:  1-3 bars a day as a snack and as a part of varied and healthy diet.

Packaging: 40 g.

Regulatory status (in Finland): foods.