Lactacaps/ Lactrase capsules

One single dose of 1-2 capsules contains 5,000-10,000 FCC units of Lactase enzyme.

Dosage and usage: 1-2 capsules before eating. The capsule can also be opened and its content sprinkled directly on food. Normal milk can also be treated with Lactacaps/ Lactrase to make the milk low-lactose. Add the content of two Lactacaps/ Lactrase capsules to one liter of milk, mix lightly and let the enzyme act on the milk in refrigerator for one day. Subsequently, it may be drunk or used for cooking or baking.

Packaging: Carton box of 10 capsules in blister pack,carton box of 30 capsules in blister packs, PE pot of 100 capsules in a carton box.

Regulatory status (in Finland): Food supplement.

The product is lactose-free, gluten-free, sugar-free, and yeast-free.