Company profile

Verman is an independent Finnish company focusing on high-quality products promoting health and well-being. Our expertise is in innovation, R&D and marketing and sales. Our main business areas are:
• Food Supplements
• Medical Devices
• OTC Pharmaceuticals
• Rx Pharmaceuticals


Verman was founded in 1987 by Mr Seppo Vertanen in the backroom of his garage. Over more than 30 years Verman has grown to be one of the leading healthcare companies in the Finnish market. Today, the family’s second generation is the majority shareholder in the company, with Mr. Janne Vertanen as a member the Board.

About us

During the past few years Verman has been one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in Finland. Several of our products are market leaders in their product categories. Verman has established its leading position by working in close co-operation with key opinion leaders and customers.
Verman operates in Northern Europe. The Head Office is located in Kerava, close to Helsinki International Airport. In addition to Finland, Verman has a strong presence in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and the Baltic Countries. They company’s products are also sold in China, Singapore and Russia. One of the main focus areas in the coming years is to further strengthen Verman’s presence in the Nordic markets and look for attractive growth opportunities in North Europe.